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Tell Someone They Are Special Today Click Here  >      Everyone Is Special   This Will Get A Smile


      I Love Beer  ( And I Love You Too )                  Enjoy Your Spam                  Something Is Missing


Covid 19 Stay Safe My Friend             Call Me                         Smiley Spell


                                 Wal-Mart Withdraw                             Snowball Tag                       Redneck Spa For Sale               Friends4Ever


                        Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter                 I Love You ( Barney Song)                 I Think You're Crazy 


It's A  B**ch  Getting Old [Explicit]               Two Beavers Are Better Than One (From "How I Met Your Mother")


Internet Tag                Redneck Card                           Redneck Car                So You Want A Blind Date


A Ray Of Sunshine                  Hey Friend               Just Smile               For A Good Friend


Don't Worry Be Happy           A Bunch Of Hugs        Ya'll Have A Nice Day          Thank You For Being A Friend


You Really Move Me                You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog             Never On A Sunday (Nascar)


You Have A Great Smile            Get Fit                         The Bird                 X-Box Junkie


I'm Not Clowning You're A Great Friend                 Wotz ^ Dog             You're  Looking Bad Today


You Drive Me Crazy               I Miss Your Smile            Thinking About You Smiley


Where Are You                 Hope You Feel Better Soon                Get Better Soon Ya Hear


 We Love Ya Mom  (Mother In Law Song)               Put On A Happy Face                        I Miss You


You Are My Sunshine                    Do Your Ears Hang Low                 Hope You Have A Good Day


My Best Friend                You're A Great Friend                     Your Tax Dollars


Well Good Day To You Friend                  Hope The Boss Is Easy On You              Hope The Teacher Is Easy On You


Well Good Day To You Honey                  You Should Be President


You Are my Sunshine And I Love You              Don't Be A Stranger I Miss Ya


I Just Got Paid Let's Party               Thinking About You




Actual Songs


Do Your Ears Hang Low                           To Old To Cut The Mustard


The Streak                  Under The Scotsman's Kilt


You Are My Sunshine ( Song )                    Banana Phone





For Someone In The Military                I Miss You (Military)             Well Good Day To You Honey (Military)




For That Someone Special


Dreaming Of You                 Me Without You          Chat Room Love


If I Had A Million Dollars ( For Him )                           If I Had A Million Dollars ( For Her )


Picture Me Without You               Thinking Of You                 You Rock Me


Because I'm In Love With You        I'm Stuck On You


I'm Falling For You         Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You


Some Puppy Love                          Special Things                   Paradise


I Love Beer And I Love You Too                I want To Kiss You All Over


              Your Priceless                       A Little Thing Called Love


Kissing Ivy                    With All My Love I Miss You



For Someone You Really Love --->  No It Isn't Christmas



If This One Works Please Invite Me To The Wedding

The Big Question-------> Will You Marry Me

                 OR                              Will You Marry Me Again




Or Not So Special Anymore


 You Can Kiss My Crazy ???




For That Special Someone You Want To Say Sorry To


I'm Sorry


Please Don't Say It's Over





Happy Birthday           Fire Permit            Best Time Of The Year           Hard Times


Happy Birthday You Old Fart                 You're Ageing Fast Birthday


You're Getting Older




  Singing Birthday Pages


 Happy Birthday            Happy Birthday # 2


Dog Gone Birthday Again            To Old To Cut The Mustard




School Pages


The Wheels On The Bus (Actual Song)             Back To School You Go                   Have A Rockin' School Year


You're A Special Noun                      A-B-C's


Back To School I'll Be Missing You                                 Same Old Lang Syne       Dan Fogelberg



Graduation Pages


Hard To Say Goodbye              I Hope You Dance               To A True Friend


Friends Forever                 Memories Friends Forever           My Wish for You


(My Heart Is Breaking) Just For You    Lionel Richie




School's Out For The Summer


School's Out                           Wheels On The Bus Have A Great Summer                         Have A Great Summer




   April Fools Pages  


We Love You Mom                I Love You Too




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