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The spring of April's gone
The leaves have all turned brown
The children are all grown up 
And there's no one around
I'm looking over my life
And all the mistakes Iíve made 
And I'm afraid
(Somebody told me)
Somebody told me that you would wash all my sins
And cleanse me for the stars that are so deep within
So I'm calling to you
If you can hear me I don't how
(He's never to busy)
I was wondering can you hold me now

(You are the only one)
You are the only one that's patient when I fall
(And your angel's)
Your angel's come to save me every time I call
(That's why I love you)
You don't laugh at me when I make mistakes and cry
(You're not like man)
You're not like man
(You understand)
You understand me
See people change one day they don't like you the next they do
I wish that everyone could love me just like you
So here I am this sinful man peace won't allow

I was wondering can you hold me now
I was wondering can you hold me now

I know it seems like the storm will never pass
And it seems like the rain will never end
The Red Sea is in front of you
The Pharaoh and his army behind you
But my brother you if you lift your head up to the sky
God has not forgotten you
The angle's will camp around you
They will never leave you nor forsake you
His word is true
Yes indeed 

To every broken person that may hear this song
(To every boy or girl)
To every boy or girl that feels their smile is gone
(See I know)
I know exactly how it feels
To lay in the bed at night
(All night long)
And cry (Tear after tear) And cry
(But listen)
Don't you worry God is faithful and he cares
(About the tears)
About the tears you drop (the pain) and the pain you feel he's there
(When you are weak)
When you are weak (that's when) that's when he's strong
Even though you don't know how
( I wish I could get a witness up in here somewhere)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
God can, and he will hold you now
(God can)
God can, and he will hold you now
(No matter what you've done God can)
God can, and he will hold you now
(Donít you worry)
Donít you worry, he can hold you now
(Thank you)

(Thank you)
Oh, oh, oh, oh
(He loves you)
Oh, oh, oh, oh




May God Hold You Now






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