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We got winners
We got losers
Chain smokers and boozers
We got yuppies
We got bikers
We got thirsty hitchhikers
And the girls next door dress up like movie stars
Mmmm, I love this bar

We got cowboys
We got truckers
Broken hearted fools and suckers
We got hustlers
We got fighters
Early birds and all nighters
And the veterans talk about their battle scars
Mmmm, I love this bar

I love this bar
It's my kind of place
Just walkin' through the front door
Puts a big smile on my face
It ain't too far
Come as you are
Mmmm, I love this bar

I've seen short skirts
We got high techs
Blue collar boys and rednecks
We got lovers, Lotsa lookers
I've even seen dancin' girls and hookers
And we like to drink our beer from a mason jar
Mmmm, I love this bar. Yes, I do

I like my truck
And I like my girl friend
I like to take her out to dinner
I like a movie now and then

But, I love this bar
My kind of place
Just twirlin' around on the dance floor
Puts a big smile on my face
No cover charge
Come as you are
Mmmm, I love this bar

Mmmm, I love this old bar






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Toby Keith                               I Love This Bar


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