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My life is brilliant

What, was I too early? Oh, sorry
Should I...Do you wanna start over? Or, keep going?
Okay, now? Now?

My life is brilliant 
Your life's a joke 
You're just pathetic 
You're always broke 

Your homemade Star Trek uniform really ain't impressin' me 
You're sufferin' from delusions of  Adequicy 

You're Pitiful
You're Pitiful
You're Pitiful
It's true 

Never had a date 
That you couldn't inflate 
And you smell repulsive too 
What a bummer bein' you 

Well you just can't dance 
And forget romance 
Everybody you know still calls you
Farty Pants
But you always have a job well I mean 
As long as you still can work that slurpie machine 

You're Pitiful
You're Pitiful
You're Pitiful
It's true 

You're half undressed 
Eatin' chips off your chest 
While you're playin' Halo 2 
No one's classier than you 

La la la la 
La la la la 
La la la la Loser 

You're Pitiful
You're Pitiful
You're Pitiful
It's true

Your dog would much rather 
Play fetch by itself 
You still live with your Mom and you're 42 

Guess you'll never grow a clue 
When it just sucks to be you





You're Pitiful

What A Bummer Being You

















Just Kidding

Hope I Didn't Scare You To Bad










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