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A house so quite, so humble
A child beside her bed
Her hands clasped tightly, it's time to pray
So she bows her little head

Happy Birthday Jesus
Daddy said that you were near
And that you had a Birthday this time every year
He told me how you listen to every word we say
And that you hear us call in the night or in the day
He explained how bad they hurt you and made you suffer so
But said you let them do it for girls like me I know
He told me about the Manger they put you in
I'd let you have my blanket if I was there back then

He said that you were watching everything we do
Him, Mommy, Granny and our new Baby too
I like what daddy told me of how you healed the Lame
And that you don't have to have any wealth or fame
And he told me you were so awfully good
And then he made me cry
He said they nailed you to a cross
They wanted you to die
And then he made me happy when said you came back again
Daddy said Christmas is what we celebrate because on that day you were born
So I hope I'm not to late to wish you a 
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus



May Your Holidays Be Bright And Filled With Joy







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Burl Ives                   Happy Birthday, Jesus (A Child's Prayer)

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